Our Story

What began as a vision in 2013 with the launch of my signature resort-inspired line, Jules Los Angeles has materialized into a mission with intention to become a brand for every woman, everywhere. Designed by the beach and produced in Los Angeles with the finest quality and care, Jules Los Angeles is known for its versatility and effortless style. Each piece has a unique story - like you, like me - and aligns with simplicity and sophistication, sweet with a bit of sexy, timeless with a touch of trend, comfort, confidence and ease. The ultimate answer to casual luxury.

Throughout our lives, sometimes what we seek is already seeking us. I reflected on my unique story – one that includes a rich Korean heritage - so it was a natural transition to highlight this as part of my portfolio. In 2019 I took a great leap of faith launching J|CULTURE, featuring couture-inspired, timeless pieces that are expertly crafted in Seoul. 

A woman’s journey is versatile, bold, beautiful and flows through different transformations.  So, it only makes sense for both collections - creative reflections of who I am - to seamlessly move through these changes too. I am now thrilled to honor all the parts of my story, under one umbrella: julesCollective.  

julesCollective is more than apparel. We are a visual narrative. We are a tribute. We are a collective experience built for every woman.  Welcome to our family.  


Jules Kim [feng]
Owner & Designer 

Our Values

Global Style  |  Inspired by our diverse cultures, julesCollective brings the best style nuances to life.  Curated with the modern woman in mind, each piece is a tribute to our eclectic heritage, showcasing designs that are as distinctive as the women who wear them.
Quality Over Quantity  |  Expertly constructed with supreme attention to detail, julesCollective pieces are crafted by reputable manufacturers in Los Angeles and Seoul using the highest quality fabrics.  Each piece is produced in limited quantities to ensure it’s as unique as you are. 
Doing Good  |   Looking good. Doing good. We are dedicated to not only offering timeless pieces but also giving back to the world around us. julesCollective is a mindful woman-founded and women-run brand that believes that when we give more, we truly indeed live more.  John Bunyan sums it up best:
“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”